I’m feeling a little too much tension in the fandom right now with all the fighting over who should get April. I’ve had enough of that for one day. Let’s talk about turtles! Like for real ninja turtles!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brotherly love in this show. These guys really do love and care for each other, and they truly do act like brothers. Just nothing could tear their relationship apart.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate their amazing ability to make hilarious facial expressions. They all have really good ones, but Leo…just Leo…I think we can all agree he has a lot of the best ones. I mean look at him in the second to last pic! We’ve all seen this one, and admit it, every time you see it, you can’t help but smile just a little.

And some of the side characters, too. Like Leatherhead! This precious little tough cutie. He really trusts the turtles, and is obviously trying to hold a strong bond with them.

And the sass! Seriously, the turtles are so sassy! Especially Raph and Donnie! They ain’t puttin’ up with any of yo shit.

And round of applause to Donnie, who accidentally smacked Mikey in Parasitica.

And I know I don’t have pictures of her here, but April…she’s really a cool person, and I admire how much she does for the turtles and how close she is to them. There are times where I just have to look up to her as a role model because she really is a great, kind person.

This, people, this is what the show is all about. These four lil’ shits right here.

So here. Have some random screenshots that were saved to my phone. There’s no reason for this; I just think we need some random turtles.